General Books by Richard Shears

Wildlife Warrior
(New Holland, 2006)
The life and times of Steve Irwin, ‘the crocodile hunter’.

Profits of War
(Sheridan Square Press, Inc. 1992)
Written for Ari Ben-Menashe. A former Israeli agent’s gripping story of power, glory, greed and betrayal.

All the Dead Lay Down
(Greenhouse, 1986, novel)
Written under a pseudonym. Introducing investigator Matt Canning, in pursuit of the stolen jewels from Iran’s Peacock Throne.

We Never Said Goodbye
(Allen and Unwin, 1985)
The tragedy of Alzheimer’s Disease.

(Methuen, 1985)
Written under a pseudonym. Australians in the first world war.

Storm Out of Africa
(Macmillion, 1981)
The violent Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand as it happened.

The Coconut War
(Cassell Australia, 1980)
A silly war in the Pacific.

(Macmillan, 1980)
The new gold rush – and where to dig it up!