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 Who Murdered Margaret Clement?
(New Holland)

The chilling, updated version of the original best-selling book, Lady of the Swamp, telling of the riches-to-rags story of a once-beautiful society hostess forced into poverty –
and who spent her final years living in a decaying mansion surrounded by swamp. Then she vanished. Almost certainly murdered.
But who was the killer who waded through the miles of swamp to end her life? And why? Finally we have all the clues. Or do we…?


It was still raining when the men stepped into the swamp, struggling to keep the body balanced on the stretcher and out of the water.
Their torch beams randomly stabbed the darkness as they headed towards the road, far away, where the hearse waited.
The witching hour, thought Fry, shuddering from the cold and the ghosts of Tullaree that trailed them, this must be what they call the witching hour.
And if it isn’t, it damn well ought to be….


True Crime Books by Richard Shears

(New Holland, 2005)
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St Martin’s Press, New York, 1988)
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Greenhouse Publications, 1982)
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(Sphere Books, 1982)
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(Sphere Books, 1982)
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The Lady of the Swamp, (Sphere Books, 1981)
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